Oral Sessions

Emi Yamakita Non-wood production in mountains; A case of Japanese Star Anise (Shikimi) in Kyoto
Hitoshi Mori Quantitative Evaluation of Holin on Lysis
Joe W.Rockenbach Fortran Program for Estimating CO2 Emissions of Taking a Bath
Kohei Miwa The Culture and Waste-relations between waste and human
Masashi Tsuda Effects of Change of Science to People's Senses of Value
Minae Komuro The way of education with ICT in developing countries
Tomomi Yoshikawa Application of Ottawa Process to the Depleted Uranium Weapons
Yoshifumi Uesumi Relation between visualized time and the sense of time
Yoshinai Uchino Iran's Nuclear Program and U.S. Security Policy
Yuka Sasagawa The Correlation Between the Decrease in the Name Whose Last Part Is "ko(子) " and the Spread of Television


Poster Sessions

To be announced.

Special Lecture

「The Role of the Japanese Young Leaders in the Global Age」
By Naoko Richters