Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Measures

Research Summary

We conducted an analysis regarding the requirements related to extreme phenomena modeling for local governments and other organizations for a characteristic analysis of extreme phenomena from large-scale databases. With this research, we are participating in the Social Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Technology (SICAT) program; we are also developing near-future climate change prediction technologies with high reliability, as well as application technology enabling an evaluation of the impact of adaptation measures with respect to the impact of climate change, which are generally applicable for studying and formulating climate change countermeasures implemented by local governments and other organizations throughout Japan. In addition, we aim to put these technologies into practical use. Through this research, we are investigating the requirements of local governments, and conducting studies from the perspective of developing applications to be used as tools useful for the policy planning of municipal adaptation measures according to the needs of local governments.

Description of Research Contents

Along with global warming, disasters caused by extreme weather around the world are increasing in number. Climate change has resulted in an increased risk of natural disasters, such as typhoons and torrential rains, as well as deterioration in the quality and yield in the agriculture, forestry, and fishery industries, owing to problems caused by high temperatures and other similar conditions. In addition, climate change frequently threatens the lives and property of citizens.

The Integrated Report on the Fifth Assessment Report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2014 pointed out that, in order to realize a sustainable society, measures to effectively adapt to climate change will be important, as will mitigation measures to suppress greenhouse gas emissions. In 2015, the Japanese government formulated a “Plan to Adapt to the Impact of Climate Change”, aiming at minimizing or avoiding the damage caused by the influence of climate change, and constructing a sustainable society, and it is expected that the formulation of adaptation plans will expand in local governments in the future.

Through this research, after conducting field surveys to understand the needs of local governments, we will create more detailed climate change information, and the data generated will be provided along with observation information in cooperation with model municipalities and other interested parties, and verified to create information regarding the accuracy of the data.


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